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Milton Keynes Centre:MK Shopping Centre Gets A New Multi-Storey Smart Car Park

First Smart Car Park Launches In Milton Keynes Shopping Centre

Parking from as little as £1 for a 2 hour period in a smart car park with free after 6pm parking isn’t too bad I guess.

The multi-storey car park is near John Lewis is now open with just over 1400 parking spaces. There are spaces for with vehicle charging points, disabled parking for eighty cares and sixty four ample spaces for parent and child. The car park is located on Marlborough Gate right behind the John Lewis store. 

It is currently only accessible via Midsummer Boulevard and will be accessible through other routes in due cause.

It has an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system in place which will work with an app that will be soon launched in January 2019. The Centre:MK app will be free to download and can be obtained via the IOS app store or on Google Play store. This will take payments automatically when the car park recognises registration plates of guest.

There will be a period for the learning of the smart-systems and other technologies with smart sensors in parking bays for finding your car will be launched. To start with, this system will help and lead guests to available bays and then also prompt them afterwards where their vehicles are parked.

You can get more information on the Milton Keynes Citizen website.