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New Data Reveals That House Prices In Milton Keynes Slowed Down In 2018

According To A New Data The Prices Of Milton Keynes Houses Are At A Standstill

According to an index, in the last six years the rising prices of property in UK has been at its slowed pace.

Nationwide Building Society stated that the average Milton Keynes house price was £277,117 making it an annual change of 0.0%.

In November the annual growth of a house price slowed from 1.9% to 0.5% in December. This was across the whole of the UK.

Since February 2013 this December increase of 0.5% was the weakest, and month-on-month in December, a 0.7% drop in house prices .

The average price of a house across the UK was £212,281 in December.

Nationwide’s chief economist, Robert Gardner mentioned that the economic outlook in the nation was an unusually uncertain one but was optimistic if the current unemployment situation and cost of borrowing remained close to the current levels. This would then expect house prices in the UK to rise again in 2019 but at a low pace.

House Price Milton Keynes MK10 Local

Brexit and economic uncertainty in the UK could very much decide the housing market activities in the near future.