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Fraudsters contact the general public to demand payment and threaten of immediate arrests

HM Revenue and Customs Alerts The General Public

Action Fraud has been experiencing an increase in the report of malicious phone calls, emails, voicemails and text messages to members of the public purporting to be coming in from HM Revenue and Customs.

These fraudsters state that as a result of the non-payment of their taxes or other duty, these victim are liable to prosecution or legal proceedings such as repossessing their belongings to settle these balances but can only be avoided by arranging for immediate payment to be made by bank transfers or iTunes gift cards.

If the victim is hesitant or refuses to comply with them, they then make a threat of immediate arrests, a bailiff visit or if the victim seem to be a foreigner then they threaten deportation.

Often, the alleged tax due period is so far back that the victim will have little, if any, paperwork or be able to verify their claims. Once money has been paid, the suspects sever all contact.

It is very import that the general public exercise caution when they receive any messages or phone calls of this nature.

What You Need To Do To Stay Safe

Always question any unsolicited requests for your personal data or financial information. Just because someone knows your basic details like your name and contact details does not mean that they are genuine. Instead, you are advised to contact the company directly by using a trusted method such as an email address or telephone number you are familiar with.

Listen to your instincts as it usually never let’s us down. If something doesn’t feel right then it usually is right to question it.

No genuine organisation will request that you to pay your taxes, bill or fees using iTunes Gift Cards or any other voucher type.

Do not be pressured or rushed into making a quick decision. Under no circumstances would any genuine bank or a trusted organisation force you to make an instant decision to do a financial transaction.

Report any Phishing attempts. If you receive any calls, texts or emails of this nature and you have not lost any money, please report it as a phishing attempt to Action Fraud or call them on 0300 123 2040.