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MK's Woodhill HMP has reported the death of an inmate in a cell. A prison that has been criticised a lot lately

Prisoner dies at Woodhill HMP Prison In Milton Keynes

An inmate in Woodhill prison in Milton Keynes has died in a cell that has been criticised lately for rising amount of violent and self harming behaviour.

It is confirmed by the Prison Service that on Friday at HMP Woodhill a man named Darren Williams passed away.

According to the BBC there would be an independent inquiry to be conducted by the Prisons Ombudsman.

Thames Valley Police said it attended the jail after being called at 16:00 GMT According to Thames Valley Police whom were called in about 4pm the death was not believed to be of a suspicious nature but added that they were preparing a file for the coroner.

According to BBC News, Woodhill had the highest suicide rate of all prisons in the whole of England and Wales from the 2012 to 2017 period.

The independent Monitoring Board monitor prisons and said that there had been no reported suicides from 12th of December of 2016 to the 10th of May 2018.

HMP Woodhill is situated in the west of Milton Keynes and holds over 600 men who are mainly remand prisoners and short sentence inmates. Woodhill also has a small number of category A high-security inmates.