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Tesco and Co-op are using GPS tracked robots to deliver our shopping in Milton Keynes

Star Wars Looking Robot Spotted In Kingston Milton Keynes

A tech company named Starship Technologies in the USA has changed the way some locals in the MK10 area are shopping. Some supermarkets like Tesco and Co-op are using robot buggies capable of carrying up to 10kg of weigh to deliver shopping to local residents.

These Star Wars-like robots have six wheels and negotiate the streets on their own and are programmed to get to your door within 15 minutes.
They have a maximum speed of 4 mph and navigate on pavements with the intelligence to stop where necessary. This robot supermarket courier delivery service has been recently being used in Monkston Park and Kingston, Milton Keynes.

Starship Technologies, the manufacturing company, is delivering online shopping from Tesco in Kingston and Co-op supermarkets, both in the MK10 areas of Milton Keynes, to nearby customers who are within 2 mile radius.

These white GPS tracked buggies will deliver your shopping to the customer’s door within 15 minutes. They are set to bypass the need for delivery vehicles and the drones currently being tested by other competitors like Amazon.

The amazing thing about the delivery robotic buggies is that the are quite robust, with a height of approximately 550mm and 700mm in length, these robots would come to a stop rather than hitting any pedestrians, cars or any animals.

Each robot, which is connected to the internet, is fitted with a speaker and cameras. A human operator at headquarters can identify if there has been an attack by a thief and alert the authorities.

A trial involving the Co-op store in Monkston Park has been in operation since April 2018 and now Starship Technologies is formally launching the robot delivery service in Tesco at Winchester Circles superstore in the Kingston, Milton Keynes. This is great for local residents in Broughton, Broughton Gate, Brooklands and Monkston which happen to be the closest areas to Kingston.

So all Tesco customers can order their groceries using the Starship Techologies App through their smart devices. The cost of the shopping is unchanged however the customer will pay an extra £1 delivery charge. 

This operation in Milton Keynes apparently happens to be the only UK location. These same robotic buggies are being tried in parts of London by Hermes for their parcel delivery services and Just Eat for delivering take away food.

Starship Technologies plans to distribute thousands of these robots around the world by end of 2019.

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