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Updates From Milton Keynes Councillors John Bint And Catriona Morris

The urban area covered by postcode MK10 represents such a wonderful cross-section of the “new city”. We have estates representing various decades of MK’s development. We have some of the most historic villages in the borough, dating back a thousand years, now cherished and protected within newer developments.

And of course we have some of the very newest residential areas, still being built: Brooklands and Oakgrove.

The success of the original new city masterplan is evident, all around us. MK has created wonderful parks and lakes, and a gridroad and redways system that are rightly admired nationally and internationally. And yet despite everything they knew about transport and traffic, for some inexplicable reason a recent generation of Council officers and Councillors decided to run the main roadway through the heart of a new estate, Brooklands, rather than around it. It’s too late to move the roads, but as Councillors, we (Catriona Morris & I) are working hard with Council Officers, developers, and local residents, to rectify as many of the consequences as we can. Meanwhile, work is continuing on other aspects of this very popular estate, with new schools and a medical centre opened recently, more new shops coming soon,some great new play areas, and new people moving into the area every week.

One new consideration for MK10 is large numbers of new homes just across the M1, likely to be built at some point in the next 10 or 20 years. The Lib/Lab group controlling MK Council is keen to build some 5000 homes just across the M1 from Willen sooner rather than later, and Central Bedfordshire Council has its eyes on a big site that may feed a lot of extra traffic through Brooklands, via the Newport Road from the Kingston Roundabout area and/or via the Salford Road. At the moment the Council is claiming not to have assessed the impact of the extra traffic on the people living in MK10, which is a bit disappointing.

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Meanwhile, our lives as Councillors are kept busy and varied by unlawful traveller encampments in the summer (and a badly thought-out reaction by the Council, in the last few weeks), the recent deeply unpopular changes in how the Council supplies recycling bags, and a proposal to create more parking spaces in CMK by making all the spaces narrower (ie not actually wide enough for an average car).
By working with residents (who turn out to be hugely knowledgeable on the most amazing subjects) and Parish Councils, we usually manage to solve the problems, although some take longer than others!

For more information contact John Bint on 01908 606200 / 07973 602000 or email: