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Dentists Open New Practice In Brooklands MK10

Brooklands in MK10 postcode in Milton Keynes has been fast developing and is part of the Eastern Expansion Area in MK.  

A new dental practice named MK Smiles has been opened in the newly built health centre in Brooklands which is managed by a dentist, Dr. Uma Madhav. 

Brooklands is set to occupy approximately 2,500 houses however there are currently just over one thousand completed homes. The high health care needs of this rapidly expanding area will need more health care services to aid the increasing population.

With the locality expanding a such a fast rate and having only one privately owned dental practice based in Brooklands farm, this couldn’t have come any sooner for the residents of Brooklands and Broughton.

Brooklands Health Centre has been well thought of as it has all the health facilities including Jardine’s Pharmacy which moved from Broughton Gate to the centre. It has the capacity for around twenty two and a half patient lists. Located opposite the Brooklands campus of Walton High School it is a perfect location for the local residents.

Follow the link for more information about Brooklands in Milton Keynes.

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